We treat Steam Moves as another piece of information that helps us determine

Our Sportsbook Insider Pro membership includes a feature which alerts members whenever a game gets steamed, including the team, triggering line and, most importantly, the sportsbook where the line was triggered. We track the records of each sportsbook to determine whether they’ve been profitable over the course of this season and/or multiple previous seasons.

We often have customers ask how to use Steam Moves and whether they should be chasing every play. Daftar Situs Judi Online Resmi

Our answer is no.

We treat Steam Moves as another piece of information that helps us determine how and why the line has moved for a certain game.

For example, we adhere to a strict Betting Against the Public strategy that maximizes line value by fading public favorites. We do this by analyzing our betting trends data and how the line has moved throughout the day or week.

But blindly fading public favorites isn’t enough. We also look for games where we see sharp action taking the same side that we like, which is where our Steam Move Betting System comes in.

The example below from a slate of college basketball games shows a Steam Move, triggered at 5Dimes, on UAB against Creighton.

Sports Insights’ analysis of College Basketball Betting Trends shows the most profitable level for betting against the public in college basketball is when one team is receiving less than 25% of spread bets. At the time of publication, there are three college basketball games that fit this criteria, in terms of lopsided spread betting trends.

Therefore, we’ve circled this game as one we like because our betting systems have indicated sharp money has come down on UAB, a significant public underdog.

In summary, we don’t blindly follow any single betting system and attempt to use every tool at our disposal.

While tracking steam is important, combining betting trends data, sharp money triggers (Steam Moves and Smart Money Plays) and shopping for the best line will maximize value while not leaving your bankroll exposed with too many wagers pending at once.

The public loves to root for the best teams and high scoring and, as a result, consistently bets on favorites. With the media and popularity of fantasy sports providing consistent hype for winning teams and explosive offensive performances, sportsbooks react by shading their lines, forcing public bettors to lay extra points or bigger odds when betting on favorites.
For value-minded sports bettors, using betting trends data and line-movement to identify games that are shaded solely due to public money, or the expectation of public money, will help you get the “best of the number” and increase your overall winning percentage.

Our analysis shows that continually getting an extra .5 point to 1 point will increase your winning percentage by 1%-3%.

Before each season, Sports Insights publishes a Betting Against the Public article that breaks down the most profitable levels (in terms of betting trends levels, home/visitor, etc.) for each of the major sports.

The table below shows the optimum levels for Betting Against the Public for College Football, NFL, NBA, College Basketball, MLB and NHL.

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